Child Development

Day Care Centers (1997-Present)

TAPWA is running a day-care center at the interior village of Kattakoothanpatty in Dindigul district for children aged 6 months to 5 years, whose parents are working as agricultural laborer. 35 children are benefited from this day-care center per year. A village health nurse and local doctor came to the center to impart necessary treatment and medicines on a monthly basis. The children were offered with nutritious food supplements with financial assistance from international donors.

Education Center (2000-Present)

The center is developed to improve the quality of education among poor school-going children to decrease the drop-out rate of children in the mainstream education system. They are taught recreational activities; join in group discussions, storytelling, art, drawing, etc. TAPWA is conducting special education centers at nine villages (Velayuthapuram, Velayuthapuram Colony, Raman Chettypatty, Kandappakottai, Kandappakottai Colony Goundanpatty, Goundanpatty colony, Malaitheru and Sandlarpuram) in the project area. 270 children, aged 5-14, are currently involved; with the education center opening every evening between 5:30-8:00 pm.

TAPWA formed the children′s clubs among day care center, orphanage and other children in the area to get involved in extracurricular activities including yoga and sports activities and made them to realize their rights as children. They are offered nutritious food (in addition to the usual food), sports materials and educational aids with the funding from individual donors and international donors.

School Enrolment Campaign

TAPWA undertakes school enrolment campaign in its target villages often and at distant places once in a year in the home state of Tamil Nadu, since access to primary education is a fundamental right of every child. The campaign is aimed at increasing the enrolment rate of the children in primary schools. Accordingly, plans are designed and strategies are worked out for undertaking the school enrolment campaigns in various parts of Tamil Nadu. TAPWA undertakes its women SHG members for the Educational Tour to spread the concept of school enrolment in most backward districts of Tamil Nadu. Women SHG members lobby for the importance of enrolling 6 year old children in regular schools and also go through house to house campaign to tell the parents about the importance of enrolling all children in schools. During the occasion, women SHG members stress to reduce school dropout rate, to enhance the school enrollment and education standard for children through caring, supporting and developing basis need of the students and school environment and to mobilize resources and promote partnership for sustenance and social responsibility.

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