Emergency Relief Programs

There is a great need to extend a coordinated response for natural disasters and technical and financial assistance to the natural disaster-prone locations. This is in particular relevant in the fields of disaster preparedness and mitigation, exchange of information and post-disaster development activities, recognizing the increased need for humanitarian assistance for relief and continuum to development. TAPWA always emphasizes the importance of providing emergency relief and assistance by obtaining the consent of all parties concerned, through modalities such as the establishment of temporary/permanent relief structures where needed and other forms like supply of food and other basic living needs to affected community.

One such emergent event that occurred in the home state of TAPWA (Tamil Nadu) was the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami on 26 December 2004 which is considered as one of the worst devastated tsunamis in the world, killing over 230,000 people in 14 countries and inundated coastal communities with waves up to 30 meters (98 ft) high. Indonesia was the hardest-hit country, followed by Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand.

There was a great need of humanitarian aid because of widespread damage of the infrastructure, shortages of food and water and economic damage. Epidemics were of special consideration due to dense population and tropical climate of the affected areas. Nations and international agencies and donors all over the world provided over billions of aid for damaged regions. The main occupations affected by the tsunami were fishing, tourism and farming, since the affected communities are the poorest people in the region.

With the kind assistance of international donors, TAPWA swung into immediate action and provided the following aids to the affected community under the guidance of district administration.

Disbursal of Relief Materials to Tsunami Victims (2005)

TAPWA distributed cooking vessels, grocery items and bedding materials worth of Rs.3500/- to each of the 145 Tsunami affected families at Nambiar Nagar, Nagore Pattanacherry and Nagappatinam of Tamil Nadu with international assistance.

Disbursal of School Relief Materials To Tsunami Victims (2005)

TAPWA distributed school materials like dress, pencil, pen etc. worth of Rs.700/- to each of 575 school children in Tsunami affected Nagore Pattanacherry and Keechankuppam, Tamil Nadu with international assistance.

Renovation of School Buildings to Tsunami Victims (2007)

TAPWA successfully renovated a school building (Natarajan Damayandi Primary School) affected by Tsunami in Nagapattinam Town, Tamil Nadu, India and this activity brought a great recognition to TAPWA from the school authorities, the students and public.

Emergency Relief to Fire Accident Victims (2008)

TAPWA distributed tents, balance and vegetable pans to each of 162 women fire accident victims in its service area of Nilakkottai (vegetable sellers in local market) to resume their activity for livelihood action and also rice grains as immediate relief to 52 destitute and widows affected by fire accident with international assistance.

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