Health Programs

Reproductive Health Program: (2001-Present)

TAPWA is organizing reproductive health programs to women of multiple SHGs every year and thus far, 820 women have been educated on pertinent reproductive health issues including Menstrual hygiene, Abortion and family planning options, Anti-natal care (ANC) and Post-natal care (PNC).

First Aid centers: (2000-Present)

The interior hamlets in service areas of TAPWA are lacking health care centers and the people are unable to receive First Aid Services even during emergency situations. TAPWA has established First Aid Centers in 10 selected interior hamlets (small villages); where the trained volunteers are perform first aid services to all community members on a daily basis.

AIDS Awareness Programs: (1999-Present)

This program was started in 1999 in order to instruct the main target groups-truck drivers and cleaners on safe sexual practices. Every year, on the eve of World AIDS Day, December 1, TAPWA organizes AIDS awareness events for youth, migrant workers and the general public in multiple target areas. Thus far, 3000 youth, 800 migrant workers and 9000 general public have been educated on safe sexual practices including: increased condom usage, HIV testing, treatment opportunities and STI management.

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