Orphanage (2006-Present)

An orphanage at TAPWA head quarters, Pallapatty with the financial aid of Fereresdesperance, France was constructed to offer housing for 100 orphans belonging to various districts of Tamil Nadu, who have lost one or both of their parents in various situations. At present, 30 children, aged 5-17 years, are maintained in the orphanage, all of them are attending schools in nearby villages from 1st to 12th standards. TAPWA formed the children’s club to encourage the orphaned children as well as children in the area to get involved in extracurricular activities including yoga and sports activities and also to realize their rights as children within India. The children’s clubs served as a great meeting place for the youth of the area and also helped to build their character and discipline as leaders within their community. Orphanage children were put into evening study hours for improving their academic standards. Periodical health and eye camps were conducted for the benefit of children of orphanage, education center, non formal education center and other children in the area. The orphanage children are offered nutritious food (in addition to the usual food) and sports materials with the financial assistance of international and national donors.

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