National Visitors to TAPWA ( 2011- 2012 )

Dindigul District Social Welfare Officer, Government of Tamil Nadu

Mrs.Gnanaguru, Dindigul District Social Welfare Officer made a visit to inspect the Orphanage and Day Care Centers under the control of TAPWA at Kattakoothanpatty. This day care center is being maintained by TAPWA with financial assistance from Director of Social Welfare, Government of Tamil Nadu, Chennai.

Visit of Child Welfare Committee of Dindigul district, Government of Tamil Nadu

TAPWA serves as an organization in Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu to provide safe shelter for orphaned and abandoned children in the district. The Tamil Nadu Government Appointed Child Welfare Committee of Dindigul district, Tamil Nadu made an inspection visit to our Orphanage on 6th December 2011 to evaluate the orphanage and available facilities at TAPWA.