Women Right

The principle of gender equality is enshrined in the Indian Constitution and it grants equality to women and also empowers to adopt measures of positive discrimination in favour of women. Within the framework of the democratic polity of India, TAPWA designs plans and takes up activities that are aimed at women′s advancement in different spheres.

TAPWA always works together with people through its various development activities such as self employment activities among rural women, non formal education centers, day care centers for the children (whose mothers work as agricultural laborer), free houses for homeless women, etc. With these interventions, TAPWA found that women development is the key and major tool to alleviate the social evils that cripple the target area community and for the development of whole community in the project location, TAPWA designs its social welfare activities primarily towards women and child development. The multifaceted activities include formation of women SHGs of multiple groups with special emphasis to poor rural lower caste women living below poverty line. The prime goal of TAPWA is to bring about the advancement, development and empowerment of women. Also, in this line of interest, TAPWA organizes gender sensitization trainings in its target area, in which thus far, about 1200 dalit men are sensitized about the role of women in the development of society and the opportunities to be given to women for achieving equality in the society.

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